Al-Madina Al-Monawara Match Company was established in Khartoum North Industrial Area in 1997. Commercial production started in the same year with one production line with a capacity of 215 million boxes annually. This line was equipped with high technology machinery in order to produce matches with high quality, that could compete with imported matches.

The Company faced high local demand. To satisfy this demand and also to export to neighboring countries, the Company purchased the factory of its competitor at the time, the Modern Match Producing and Distributing Company, and imported a new line. After rehabilitation and modernization of the Modern Match Producing and Distributing Company lines and erection of the imported line, both lines started production in 2003.
Al-Madina Al-Monawara Match Company is the only company producing safety matches in the Sudan. It has a capacity of 650 million boxes annually. This is greater than the local demand for 350 million boxes, which gives it the ability to export its products to neighboring countries.

Al- Madina Al-Monawara Match Company owns machines with advanced technology, enabling it to carry out all  necessary manufacturing process within the factory.  In addition, our Book Match Line can be used as an advertisement media for hotels as well as other companies. The Company also owns an Advanced Printing Machine (Three Colors), modern WorkShop for spare parts processing. This machinery combined with our highly skilled work force with cumulative experience, enable the Company to be one of the leading and pilot companies for mach production not only in the Sudan, but throughout the region.