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Baraka Biscuit Factory
Saeed food factory was build in 1980 one of the biggest industrial agricultural compound for producing and industrializing fruits and vegetables. The factory is located in (Bahry) Kahrtoum north.
During 1993, Diyabsonex International Company Ltd, was registered according to Company Ordinance of 1925 registration number 7419 dated 28/02/1993, in Khartoum Sudan. In 2007, During the year 1993, Diabsonex have established a branch office in Sofia Bulgaria, named Balkan Red Se a Foreign Trade Corporation, working for import and export of various building materials, electrical, chemicals and etc.
United Enterprises is located in Gerry Free Zone, 50 km north of Khartoum.

The factory has associated in many international and national (fares, show room, gallery,).   

Middle East Printing and Packaging Co, is a progressive company in the field of Flexible Packaging.
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