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Consistent with the Saeed Industrial & Commercial Group's policy of sustainable expansion and prudent diversification, the decision was made in the early 2000s to develop some 3,200 fedans of prime agricultural land into a large-scale agricultural project. Saeed Agricultural Project is located on the east bank of the Blue Nile, approximately 70km south-east of Khartoum.  

Saeed Agricultural Project produces fresh fruit, vegetables, cereals, nuts and animal fodder.  Our aim is to satisfy the high local and regional demand for high calibre, well-priced produce.  Our team of agriculturists control and check production at every stage. Controls start in the field and follow production right through to processing, packing and storage.

We position ourselves to supply produce out of season through investment in high-tech farming techniques and concepts such as protected houses.

Mindful of our commitment to environmentally responsible business and our good fortune to be located in the Nile Valley, with its fertile soil and plentiful access to fresh water, we are constantly seeking to develop resource-efficient agriculture.  Our respect for the fragile ecosystem of the Nile Valley is integral to our production methods which we seek to ensure have the least possible impact on the environment. 

MEDICA Import & Distribution Trading Company

MEDICA Import & Distribution Co. Ltd. was acquired by the Saeed Industrial & Commercial Group in 2012. The company was previously known as G.F KABBABE & SONS CO. and held a well respected presence in the pharmaceutical distribution sector for over fifty years. The MEDICA portfolio includes some of the largest and most recognised pharmaceutical companies in the world. 

Saeed Mining Company Ltd was recently established by the Saeed Industrial & Commercial Group to explore opportunities arising in the minerals exploration and development sector. Saeed Mining Company seeks to combine the Saeed Industrial and Commercial Group's strong local knowledge and deep project management experience with foreign and local geological expertise to develop the mineral wealth of the Sudan.  

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